Tips for Increasing Window Security

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Burglars come to your house unannounced and uninvited ,and you never know when they plan to strike. The only way you can beat them at their game is by improving the security in your home. They may enter through the doors, roof, or windows; however, a recent FBI report shows that over 20% of burglars accessed homes through windows.

With this information, it would be best to improve your security for windows. Even if your home security is good and reliable, it would not hurt to add a few more security details on your windows to guarantee protection around the clock. Let’s look at some of the things you can do to increase your window security.

Security Inspection

You may have a home security system, but regular inspections on your windows are advisable as well. Security experts will advise on loose or compromised locks. They have the necessary equipment and experience to recognize cracks or faults that burglars may take advantage of. They may also advise on areas of improvement and do system maintenance or servicing your home security system.

Add Metal Grills

add metal grillsBurglars may enter your home within a few seconds of they get an easy access route. Metal grills slow them down and make them lose interest in your home. Installing metal grills as an additional cautionary for security goes a long way to enhance your security.Metal grills are now advanced and come extra string, and with attractive designs, you need not worry about an ugly metal having over your glass.

Adding Contact Alarms

Sensor alarms are great while it detects when a window is being tampered with a contact alarm gives immediate notice when a window is opened. It is ideal as it sends an alarm to you and your security firm. Contact and sensors work perfectly together.


Install Security Glass

use security glassIf a burglar cannot open a window, the next best thing is to break the glass. The common window glass breaks at one hit with a stone or any hard object, but tempered glass, plexiglass, or laminate glass windows which do not break will make burglars to abort the mission as they may not want to attract attention or waste time.

Use Security Locks

A basic lock may not be enough for your window protection. Security locks are not easily broken. Burglars target windows with weak locks or none at all, but with security locks, your windows are always secured.

It is best to protect your windows through all the above methods. You may also want to clear shrubs and bushes near the windows as they may create a perfect hiding place for them.…